Keith Benjamin: On the Front Lines of Change

By Smart City Expo Atlanta
June 10, 2020

From the historic disparities exacerbated by COVID-19 to the rallying cry for justice and equity taking place across our cities, this extraordinary moment in time is amplifying the significant role each one of us must play in shaping a shared future of safety, prosperity, justice, and opportunity.

As such, today I am proud to announce the launch of “On the Front Lines of Change”, a video series giving voice to the extraordinary and transformative members of our global community who are playing their meaningful part in building inclusive, sustainable, and equitable cities.

We have been overwhelmed by the responses we have received from Mayors and CTOs, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Resilience Officers, VCs, innovators, grassroots organizers, professors, NGOs, and of course, leaders in the private sector. The videos, taken in a bedroom or a backyard, not only reflect a deep commitment to developing inclusive 21st century cities, but reinforce our collective responsibility, as stewards of equity, to redefine “smart” so that humanity, prosperity, equity, and justice, are at the center of building our cities.

We begin our series with a message that has developed an even deeper urgency during this historic moment. Though a call for equity is now ringing loudly through our streets and inside our halls of power, there are many leaders who have long endeavored to make equity, sustainability, and justice central to the building of cities and communities. Filmed before the events of the last few weeks, Keith Benjamin, Head of Department of Traffic and Transportation City of Charleston, SC, shares with us a vision of systems created for all. His call to action helps set the tone for this series devoted to spotlighting solutions for an equitable, prosperous, and resilient new normal.

We hope you’ll take his question to heart: What do we need to work to create systems that work for the whole? We would love to hear your answers.

Join us in honoring our global heroes over the next few weeks and engage with them in building our shared future. We welcome the opportunity to amplify your voice so please reach out with any ideas, opportunities, and questions.

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